June 2010


As an Architect, principal of my own firm for 20 years, I have worked successfully with Doveguard during most of that time.  No matter the scale or complexity of the project Doveguard have always been upfront in providing support in terms of estimating, programming and logistics.

One most challenging job was the demolition and recreation of toilets in an operating Public House.  All done with the business in operation they created a splendid reproduction Victorian theme Gents and Ladies to the delight of the owner and customers alike.

Following from that Doveguard worked for several years doing the reorganization and churn of some 35,000 square feet of office space for a major publisher in their 16 story headquarters building.  This involved the fit-out of some 5 floors with all staff in occupation.  The quality of the work, liaison with the Client, and building owners was a daunting task which they took on with alacrity and aplomb.  The results were always excellent and to the complete satisfaction of all concerned.

In the refurbishment project of a major headquarters building, half occupied, they produced programming and logistics solutions to the amazement and delight of the building owners, a major City based insurance company.  They were recognized by the insurance company as a major player able to organize and undertake the work without disruption to the existing tenants and in a timely manner.

The most recent project we were involved in was the consolidation of an operating industrial site where the Client needed to move its operation to half the site in order to effect the disposal of the remainder to a development company. They undertook the demolition, creation of new roads and car parking, installation of new water mains, isolation and redirection of services at the same time creating high quality offices, toilets and medical facilities for the necessary relocation.  This began in January with the deadline of May 1st to avoid major financial penalties which the Client would otherwise have to bear.  From a standing start Doveguard completed all the work on time and within the budget. 

I would have no hesitation in contacting Doveguard again for their very able assistance in the early stages of a project and to undertake the work in an efficient and user friendly manner.  Should anyone desire any further information or clarification please do not hesitate to contact me.

Gregory A. Gale, BArch MA RIBA